First trimester

Honestly, both pregnancy wasn’t planned at all. I was all paranoid that my menses was late for 4 days. Decided to check and it was positive. I don’t even know how to react….

But still alhamdulila.. this is all god’s gift. Amin. 

So, people say every pregnancy they will go through differently. And now I believe it. 

My first trimester with Fayzulin wasn’t as bad as this time round. I can vomit easily. Unlike now. The nausea feeling stuck with me. And don’t even let me puke anything out. When I don’t vomit anything my tummy will feel weird and some kind of pain. I am so frustruated that now my new bestfriend is the inhaler. I even tried drinking ginger tea freshly brewed. Still doesn’t work. Lots of plain water till I’m in and out from the toilet countless of time.  So tell me? What should I do with this crazy morning sickness. 

I cannot smell any food or anyone cooking. I don’t even like smelling my son anymore. This is very sad. Because I am that kind of Mom that will kiss, cuddle and hug tightly to my son. 

I am extra tired, lazy, exhausted… You name it. All I want to do is to sleep and forget the world. But I can’t because I’ve got another life to take care of. 

Please share with me your tips dearest parents. 

Hopefully all these nonsense will stop soon. I can’t afford to continue 9 month like this. 



What is love at first sight?


Ans: I’ve been in love before. Countless of times. But I’ve never ever been through love at first sight till Muhammad Fayzulin is out from my tummy. Well, that was my love at first sight.

The first time I see him, I’m already in love. The first time I hold him, I know I’m gnna shower him with unconditional love. The first time I kiss his forehead, this boy is gnna be mine forever.

Amazing much?

That moment when your pain suddenly disappeared….. your husband carry your child to you. Peacefully closing their eyes. All you can do is just kiss them gently and cry….. and continue to cry until your child have to go for their weight check.

Okay snap. Back to reality but lesser pain. Well, for me. Since I was on  epidural. All I want to do is just….. sleep!

Totally life experience.

I will never ever forget.


Labour bag

We are 36 weeks now. Alhamdulila, thank you god. Everything seems fine. Mummy gnna be busy with check up every week. Not only busy but Mummy gnna be all nervous for your arrival as well!

So, finally I’m all done packing my labour bag. I don’t know if there’s anything I missed out.

Let me list out:
– Admission letters
– Marriage cert
– Phone charger
– Toiletries ( Facial foam, Powder, Lip balm, Deodorant, Sanitary pads ) I just pack those important ones. Body and hair soap we will get from the hospital it self.
– Sock, Sweater
– Going home outfit for both Mummy and Baby

Still deciding if we should bring go pro or just use our camera phone.

So yeah… that’s all for my labour bag👌 I’m trying my best not to bring all the unnecessary stuff.

Okay let Mummy enjoy her last few weeks before your arrival alright 🙊


Avent Philips


I was telling Firman that we are left with milk bottles and toiletries for Baby. We thought of getting it end of August……

Sil called and she bought milk bottles for Baby. There you go…. Its your luck Baby! Thank you 💕

So now about milk bottles…..

Well, I only know that Dr brown milk bottle is perfectly good but expensive. For Avent…… mostly all children using that brand.
Honestly, I’ve got no problems with milk bottles. As long Baby drink his milk and not giving me problem, I’m fine! 👌

Currently we are 33 weeks. Yes, and everyone have been starting to ask me about my hospital bag. Alright one of the weekdays I will start packing!

I’m just feeling super lazy. Let me enjoy and appreciate my weeks first before Baby is out 😌


Maclaren Grand Tour lx


Suddenly my Whatsapp notification gone insane when I was having my nap time. Received a few missed calls from Azu. Checked the group Whatsapp and ta-da…. 

They were talking about baby pram. I was like…… Well, we didn’t plan to get it now but since both sils really wanted to get it for us. Why not?

I know nothing about prams! So I decided to google about Maclaren brand and stuff. Read through the review. And….. I was getting more and more excited about it.

So nobody is free to come down to collect the pram the next day. Since I’m always free…. I came down with Sheril to collect it. The pram was huge! I was…… speechless. But! I still love the design of the pram and the color as well.

Firman came home and…… he was so excited to see. Wait, not him only. Even sils was all excited when I send the picture of myself pushing the pram.


Third trimester….


Last month was our third trimester but I was too busy to update with Hari Raya preparation and stuff.

Time pass so fast. We are left with 1 more month. Oh my god! I am all paranoid now. But I shall wait for Aby to pop out her princess first then I can start to worry.

We have finally decided to buy baby cot playpen. Super tempting to fix it! Urgh. I’ve started to wash baby clothes as well 😬 What else?…..

Oh yes! Previously I was worried about my weight. I wasn’t gaining at all! Last Saturday we went for check up and I’ve gained 10kg! I’ve got no idea why is it so hard for me to gain during pregnancy. Tsk!

Now I am no longer stressing myself with my weight. Thank god!

So far Mummy and Baby is doing great, surprisingly. No more funny weird symptoms but only more to decreasing of body temperature.

Anyway, I received $100 voucher from Starhub for recontract and I AM AN ANDROID USER NOW 😆😆 Okay I’m gnna ditch apple. Sorry!