Mother’s Day 2017 ❤


Fayzulin last day of class

It feels like only last week he just join the class. And now it has come to as end. He enjoyed every class that he turned up. He doesn’t even care if I don’t join in with him. We didn’t manage to continue his class due to so many things we need to settle by December. 

As usual, Mummy got emotional. Mummy just hate saying good bye to good, fun and loving people. 

Dear Fayzulin, these two teachers are your first teachers in your life. Do not forget them. They have been such an awesome teachers teaching you alot of things from sensory skills to motor skills. You came in crawling like a baby and now went you left you are walking like a big boy. Everyone is so proud of what you are now. 

Let’s check out the real playgroup school okay, Fay?

Pram Madness 

I was contemplating on getting Pockit Stroller. Read up on their pros and cons. And I manage to get it. Since Mothercare is having sale. 

First I was amaze how small and compact this Pockit can be close. I am used to it with one hand close because one hand I need to carry my son and the other hand do the closing of the pram. 

Second, I was skeptical as Pockit seat can’t be recline. Which is true, well. With that compact size you can’t have recline seat as well. In life you can only have one.

I saw quite a few time Fay fell asleep with the seat up. So I guess he should be fine with that. Plus he is learning how to walk for now. Most of the time he is out from the pram, waddling like a duck. 

So, why not? 

Whoever that is very close to me, knows how crazy and sick I can be when it comes to pram/stroller. 

I own that 3 stroller/prams…. Total, I’ve got 4 stroller/prams. Yes, crazy enough. 

The first picture, Lucky Baby City Chase. Good for child who start to sit on their own. 

Pros: The stroller is so damn light I swear. I don’t really take the lift up and down unless I’ve got heavy stuff with me or there isn’t alot of people waiting for the lift. So this stroller is easy to use when taking the escalator. It can be recline as well. 

Cons: Very hard to close. That’s the sad part. 

Second picture, Goodbaby. Good from infant till toddler.

Pros: Use one hand to close the pram. The basket is huge. If you close the pram with something inside the pram it will stay inside. Very comfortable for Fay until now. Reversible handle.

Cons: Bulky and too heavy for me to use the escalator. Canopy is not fully close.

Third picture, Bon Bebe. Good for both infant or toddler.

Pros: This stroller is also light. I can use it to take the escalator. If you close the stroller, nothing will come out from the basket. Fully close canopy. One hand close as well. Reversible handle.

Cons: This stroller don’t have ventilation unlike the other two. So whenever Fay is asleep, he will perspire like mad when he is awake. Even with the canopy open. And the last thing is, he is too tall for this stroller. His head has already reach to the top of the seat. So when he is asleep his head will be bumped onto the the top. Its kind of hard stiff also. (Refer picture below)

So there you go…. pram madness! Don’t bother asking me where I keep all these pram. For sure there isn’t space. But anything for Fay’s stuff I will make space 😂

Children’s Garden@ Garden by the bay

On my birthday, I brought my two boys out to Children’s Garden @ Garden by the bay. 

Surprisingly the place is quite huge. The weather was so hot that day and we end up playing together with Fay. And nope, we never bring extra clothes only for Fay #lifeofaparent

Fay always enjoy himself when it comes to waterplay and swimming. So we let him play around until he was shivering 😂

What I realize Fay is one easy child to mix around with anyone. Be it adult, teenager, or children. He was crawling to one of the children playing with water. It was so funny watching him from far.  

Love you both, my best birthday gift ever!