Mother’s Day 2017 ❤


Happy 1st Mother’s Day


Thank you Muhammad Fayzulin for giving Mummy the chance to become a Mom to you. Thank you Firman for trusting me all these while even though at times we can be out of control.

It was an amazing and beautiful journey with the both of you, honestly. Everytime when I am going a hard & rough times. My friends and Firman will motivate me and gave me a slightly push saying, “Its gonna be worth it to you and your son. You are gonna see all his milestones once in a lifetime. And you don’t wish to miss it.”

Being a stay at home Mom is double tiring than being a working Mom I tell you. Once they are awake from nap and all active…. only god knows how insane it can be. Worst still when they are exploring new things exist like the electricity plugs, telephone wire cord and alot more to come!

But I am glad that I get to witness all of these….

I am happy to be a Mom and a Wife aswell. Best job ever in my life.