Mother’s Day 2017 ❤


1st week of school!

Fayzulin was doing very well in school. He enjoyed going outdoor with his teachers and friends. He even explore every corner of his classroom immediately when he came in. He only cry when he wants to go to nap. 

After a week of school, he learned alot of new songs. He can even do the actions. 

Fayzulin decided to call me Mama instead of Mummy. 

Such a big boy you are now! Mama is so proud of you! ❤

First trimester

Honestly, both pregnancy wasn’t planned at all. I was all paranoid that my menses was late for 4 days. Decided to check and it was positive. I don’t even know how to react….

But still alhamdulila.. this is all god’s gift. Amin. 

So, people say every pregnancy they will go through differently. And now I believe it. 

My first trimester with Fayzulin wasn’t as bad as this time round. I can vomit easily. Unlike now. The nausea feeling stuck with me. And don’t even let me puke anything out. When I don’t vomit anything my tummy will feel weird and some kind of pain. I am so frustruated that now my new bestfriend is the inhaler. I even tried drinking ginger tea freshly brewed. Still doesn’t work. Lots of plain water till I’m in and out from the toilet countless of time.  So tell me? What should I do with this crazy morning sickness. 

I cannot smell any food or anyone cooking. I don’t even like smelling my son anymore. This is very sad. Because I am that kind of Mom that will kiss, cuddle and hug tightly to my son. 

I am extra tired, lazy, exhausted… You name it. All I want to do is to sleep and forget the world. But I can’t because I’ve got another life to take care of. 

Please share with me your tips dearest parents. 

Hopefully all these nonsense will stop soon. I can’t afford to continue 9 month like this.