First trimester

Honestly, both pregnancy wasn’t planned at all. I was all paranoid that my menses was late for 4 days. Decided to check and it was positive. I don’t even know how to react….

But still alhamdulila.. this is all god’s gift. Amin. 

So, people say every pregnancy they will go through differently. And now I believe it. 

My first trimester with Fayzulin wasn’t as bad as this time round. I can vomit easily. Unlike now. The nausea feeling stuck with me. And don’t even let me puke anything out. When I don’t vomit anything my tummy will feel weird and some kind of pain. I am so frustruated that now my new bestfriend is the inhaler. I even tried drinking ginger tea freshly brewed. Still doesn’t work. Lots of plain water till I’m in and out from the toilet countless of time.  So tell me? What should I do with this crazy morning sickness. 

I cannot smell any food or anyone cooking. I don’t even like smelling my son anymore. This is very sad. Because I am that kind of Mom that will kiss, cuddle and hug tightly to my son. 

I am extra tired, lazy, exhausted… You name it. All I want to do is to sleep and forget the world. But I can’t because I’ve got another life to take care of. 

Please share with me your tips dearest parents. 

Hopefully all these nonsense will stop soon. I can’t afford to continue 9 month like this.