First trimester

Honestly, both pregnancy wasn’t planned at all. I was all paranoid that my menses was late for 4 days. Decided to check and it was positive. I don’t even know how to react….

But still alhamdulila.. this is all god’s gift. Amin. 

So, people say every pregnancy they will go through differently. And now I believe it. 

My first trimester with Fayzulin wasn’t as bad as this time round. I can vomit easily. Unlike now. The nausea feeling stuck with me. And don’t even let me puke anything out. When I don’t vomit anything my tummy will feel weird and some kind of pain. I am so frustruated that now my new bestfriend is the inhaler. I even tried drinking ginger tea freshly brewed. Still doesn’t work. Lots of plain water till I’m in and out from the toilet countless of time.  So tell me? What should I do with this crazy morning sickness. 

I cannot smell any food or anyone cooking. I don’t even like smelling my son anymore. This is very sad. Because I am that kind of Mom that will kiss, cuddle and hug tightly to my son. 

I am extra tired, lazy, exhausted… You name it. All I want to do is to sleep and forget the world. But I can’t because I’ve got another life to take care of. 

Please share with me your tips dearest parents. 

Hopefully all these nonsense will stop soon. I can’t afford to continue 9 month like this. 



5 thoughts on “First trimester

  1. I am a first time mummy, still in my first trimester so I’m useless on the advice front. I have written my own post on pregnancy which you can have a sneak peek at and give your own advice on. The internet is a brilliant place, I found out to calm sickness and nausea you can eat extremely hot or extremely cold foods, so at the moment refrigerated yogurt pouches (frubes I think they are called) are a real help, and things like chicken and sweetcorn soup does the trick. With the tiredness…I’ve just taken advantage of being lazy;) I also found that smelling salts like lavender and minty vapor rub calms my heightened smell down and made me less prone to gagging and nausea 🙂 I love this post, I feel your pain!
    Happy reading and blogging! x

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    • Hello! Thank you so much for the tips. And now I feel like having refrigerated yogurt!! Hahahaha. How I wish I can be lazy the whole day. But sadly I’ve got my son to take care of and to entertain. My first pregnancy i stayed in the room one whole day. And yes yes. Now I’m hooked with the minty vapor rub. That’s the only thing I can smell. Thank you once again for the tips!! Really appreciate it alot ❤

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  2. Hey babe, I feel ya! I went thru the same if not worse hyperemesis when I was carrying Aly. It’s just pembawakan budak, not much to do to ease the symptoms. All I can say is, lots of rest, drink lots of water and follow ur body. I remember being the toilet bowl being my best friend. It will take awhile for u to know whats ur comfort food, drink and what u shld to make urself comfy. For me… I stayed in bed the whole of first tri, comfort food was maggi and I could only drink sweet stuffs. Air putih i cannot telan. Hahaha feeling mcm at the back of my head seh smpai me n Zahrin tanak ada baby lagi thinking of how bad our first tri was. Time pass! Listen to ur body okay.

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    • Yah this pembawakan budak this time round so horrible. I cannot even tolerate. My first with Fay, I can easily vomit but not for this one. The nausea feeling stayed at my throat. It annoys me. And best part I don’t even know what is my comfort food. Haiyah. I am waiting for my first trimester to end asap! Hahaha. Thanks babe for the advise! ❤


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