Blue House Atelier @ UE Square

Was browsing through the net if there’s any fun programme for playgroup. And I was so interested with this! 

Yesterday was our first day and it went very well exclude the part when Fay was happily eating the chalk. All mummies, aunties & teachers are all very very welcoming and friendly!

The place is so huge for Fay. He was all excited to explore once he got down from the pram.

Loving the place so much! 



6 thoughts on “Blue House Atelier @ UE Square

    • Yes yes! If not later they boring la play at home only with us and grandparent. Atleast they can interact with other children. And we also can have some fun time as well. Asik duduk rumah aja boleh jadi biol sia. I cannot tahan already. Hahaha!


      • Tuh ah! Somemore this girl I think her motor skills developing very slow and Zahrin pamper her too much tak kasi dia work hard. I shall check them out! Thank u ๐Ÿ˜


      • Hahahhaah! Normal! Its always like that! Father have the soft spot for their children. Fay pun sama. Whatever I dont let him, Firman kasi dia. Annoying, boleh gadoh at times. Hahaha. Yes yes! Check it out. There’s more cuma ex. This place is very flexible and kind of affordable. No problem ๐Ÿ’“


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