Fayzulin Birth Story 

I realize that I didn’t share Fayzulin’s birth story over here. I just share abit here and that. So here it goes..    

On the midnight of 19 September 2015, I was having bad cramp till I can’t move a bit. I was crying so badly and Firman was frustruated with me. Because he just fell asleep a few minutes ago. 

I went to pee and did some walking. Still having the bad cramp. So the bad cramp was actually contraction. “I need to go to the hospital now.” While crying. (Very dramatic) Booked Grabcar while waiting Firman got ready and the only thing I took was the phone charger since I am done packing my labour bag. 

Got in to the car and off to Mount Alvernia. Around 3am? If I’m not mistaken. The hospital was so quiet and peaceful. So we went to A&E, Sister (Nurse) brought us to the labour room. Lie down on the bed and still in pain. Sister put something into my anus to make me poop so that everything in my tummy will be clear. And I am not allowed to eat anything.

My gynae came around 6am. And he told me that I am not dilating. He gave me two option which is to go home or induce. Which I would rather be induced. He broke my waterbag immediately and the contraction is getting very intense. Every minute every second, I was like shouting like mad. (Very very very dramatic) 

Waterbottle became my stressball. Firman taught me to breathe in and out whenever the contraction start to kick in. I did that until I am so weak and tired. I asked Sister for nitrous oxid which they called it the gas. Immediately inhale it as fast as I could. And the next second I was high as fuck. “Sister, is this laughing gas?” “Yes it is. If you are gonna inhale it very fast.” She smile and I laugh. Firman was smiling and shaking his head. 

His wife was high and he is stuck in the room. Since my contration was slightly tone down Firman left to get some food and smoke break. I manage to reply some whatsapp messages.

Contraction came to kick in so badly and the gas is not even working at all. Around 3pm, my gynae came in after he was done at the clinic.”You are still not dilating.” I was so disappointed with myself when I heard that. “You are left with caesarean. If you are okay with it, then we will proceed now.” 

Firman just nod his head and make the decision for me. So I am finally out from the labour room and we are going to the operation theatre instead. Contraction still there and I keep on asking for the gas. (That was my bestfried through out the journey.)

Firman work in hospital line. He deliver hospital equipments. So he knows alot of Sisters and male Nurse. He came in smiling to everyone like as if he own the hospital 😒 “Your wife giving birth? Congrats ah!!!” One of the male Nurse talked to him. “Eh you are the one send the delivery equipment right? No wonder you look familiar. Congratulation anyway.” One of the Sister talked to him. All of them smiled at me and told me to just continue breathing using the gas. 

Sister pushed me into the operation theatre. It was so damn cold. I was shivering like mad. I couldn’t take it. I was in gown without panty or bra. Just imagine that. I was asked to arched my back and remain still while lying down on my left side. I asked one of the Doctor “Are you doing the epidural?” “Yes. And your body gonna be half numb. Do you want your husband to be with you?” “Yes.” “Then you have to take the epidural.” I just nodder my head “Sister, can I hold your hand?” She smiled and whisper “You are going to be alright.”

I could feel the Doctor use an antiseptic solution to wipe on my waistline. And the next thing was the injection which I could feel it!! Immediately I feel numb. Sister asked me continue to stay in to that position. After awhile they let me lie down like normal. I couldn’t feel my leg and my contraction no longer there. 

Firman came in smiling. They started to do the IV on my hand and I don’t know whatelse they are doing. I just stare at Firman. I was scared, so scared. My body was covered. They make it like a partition. Suddenly I feel nausea and my head is spining. My gynae told me not to move. So from there I think they start with the operation. I vomit twice while lying down. Imagine! I’ve never done that before in my entire life. 

At 5:31pm I heard a baby crying. Yes, it was my baby crying. I was crying and smiling. Guess what, Firman immediately leave me and follow Sister to check his weight and height. He immediately do the islamic procedure after baby is born. And I was like…. “Sister, I haven’t see my baby yet.” She called Firman. Finally I get to hold my baby and kiss him. I was crying and smiling. This is one of the best life experience I’ve ever been through. 

Sister need to examine baby and Firman went missing again. But all I could think of was just resting. They put me some warmer thingy around my leg and it feels so good. I manage to nap awhile. Sister push me to my ward. I saw both Mother in law and Sister in law. I was so weak. I can’t move, I was still high and I don’t even know what ward I was in.

Sister pushed Fay in and Mother in law is all excited. Love to see her happy and smiling. Sister update me on his milk intake and stuff. That’s the part about (.)(.) Kak Yana & Sheril came down immediately. My another Sister in law and fiance came down slightly later. Everyone went home, Sister came to check on me. Checked my pad if I am bleeding heavily or not. “Why I dont feel like peeing?” “Because you are on tube. (Showing a bag full of my urine.) Which i need to change it aswell.” I was like…. WHAT?!?!?!?! That is so embarassing. I’ve never pee on tube before and now I am doing it?

The next day, Sister took out the tube for me. She told me if I want to get discharge faster I need to walk around. Like walk to the toilet or just walk around in the ward. To prove to my gynae that I am doing fine. Eventually after the snall talk, my gynae appear and check on me. I told Firman to come down as fast as he could after burying the placenta. So Firman was there and at the same time Fay was brought in. 

My lunch was on the table and I decided to have a little walk to my sofa. I was doing good. I wasn’t feeling comfortable so I thought of using the toilet. Stand up took a few steps and gush of blood came out. I feel like fainting. (I am phobia of blood. Even if I am on menstruation.) Firman quickly called Sister for help. I was so scared, seriously. 

Visitors come and go and I totally forgot about the pool of blood incident. I feel so blessed that alot of people came down to visit us and even brought gifts aswell. Thank you so much everyone. You know who you are. Too many to list down.

The next day, my gynae came to check on me again. He was impress that I am doing very well. He said that I can be discharge. I was so happy to hear that. Called Firman and we was like planning how to go home. We’ve got alot of gifts to bring back home. And I am not strong enough to carry Fay through out the journey home. Sheril to the rescue came down together with Firman. She carried Fay through out the discharge process. I was walking like a snail beside her. And Firman was busy doing the payment.

Alhamdulila, home sweet home. 

Honestly, my first delivery was so messy. I was so into normal delivery that I read up only about that. End up I went for cesarean. This is life. No matter what or how you plan it was suppose to be. Allah always have a better plan for us. Which is true. I am so glad that I went for cesarean. 

Till the next child birth..   

Insyallah, amin. 


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