My Sexy HP Spectre

Yes, we got a new laptop for myself….. 

Fay fall from the bed together with my macb. After sending my Macb to diagnose it, they told me that my hard drive is not working anymore. It can be switched on but it was super lagging. Brought it down to the Apple shop it was still the same. I was so upset with myself….. my photos and videos are all inside the hard drive. 

Imagine 6 years with Macb. So many photos and videos…..

All I can say is…. 

Lesson learnt, keep everything into an external hard drive to stay safe. 

So let’s welcome my sexy HP Spectre

The first thing on my mind was getting a new laptop. I need it for my side job and well I need to catch up on my online TV series as well. Came down to Courts, and the sales person asked me what kind of laptop I am looking for.

  • Slim
  • Light
  • Small

Hahahhaha. Okay, actually I know nothing about laptop for real. Because I’ve been using Macb for good 6 years ok. But I was having a hard time whenever I need to transfer my photos and videos to my Macb. (I am android user anw)

And this time round I don’t want to use Macb….

So, while the sales person trying to promote some of their items. This sexy HP Spectre caught my eyes. Thin and light but not that small actually. Overall, I’m in love it. 

Brought it home, everything was fine. But its just that I still need to get familiar with the touchpad. Its kind of stiff and hard for the mouse cursor to move around. I need more time and I will be pro with it. Hehehe!



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