Attack of the solid foods.


Fay is 6 month old now. That is fast!

I didn’t update about the Avent 4 in 1 baby food maker. Because Fay doesn’t seems to enjoy the food that I make. I only took pictures using snapchat and totally forgot to save it. So I’ve got no pictures of his puree foods.

The machine is good! It can be steam, blend, reheat and defrost. Easy to wash away the remaining food inside. The blade is sharp. I can grind rolled oats and brown rice in that machine as well. It’s a straight forward machine. Expensive but worth our money!

So his first solid foods was carrot, apple, banana, pear, sweet potato and rolled oats. And we stop for a week as Fay was down with food allergy.

Yes, food allergy. He was allergy to rolled oats.

Before giving him all those, I did alot of read up. What food to give. What food I should not give. Vegetables or fruits first. It was stressful. I am those type that is hard to decide.

One of the article say “Single ingredients only and at a space of 4 days apart with introducing each new food.”

I kind of follow that rules. So first was carrot. Fay had it for 4 days straight. He enjoy eating the carrot for the first 2 days and the next day he doesn’t like it. Same goes to other foods that I gave to him. He totally ditch it.

Kind of upset. All your hard work go down to the rubbish bin. Almost giving up…..

When it comes to rolled oats, he doesn’t want to be spoon feed. He wants it in his milk bottle. He drink and finished it up.

After awhile his back started to have rashes. Brought him to the nearest clinic, doctor gave him a cream and stop him from having any food for a week continue with milk.

So we are back to solid foods now. Since he can’t have rolled oats, I let him try brown rice. And he was fine with it.


I bought heinz bottle food. Just to let him try. He need to have something. I mean milk alone can’t make him full and give him all the nutrition right?

Pumpkin & sweet corn.
I was feeling curious on how it taste. It was….. horrible. I just got this feeling that Fay won’t be liking it. Surprisingly, he was enjoying it every spoon feed. Believe it or not he had half of the bottle for one feeding.

Truthfully I don’t eat pumpkin. And my son is loving it so much. Weird……

I bought one bottle and obviously it’s not enough and I have to buy more of it. Bought other flavours as well to let him try. Hopefully he will like it.

I never like the idea of giving him food in the bottles or biscuit for his first solid food. I would rather make my own. For a healthy choice of course. But as long as he is eating I’m all fine now. Let’s just put aside that mindset.

Healthy/Happy baby = Happy Mummy


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