What is love at first sight?


Ans: I’ve been in love before. Countless of times. But I’ve never ever been through love at first sight till Muhammad Fayzulin is out from my tummy. Well, that was my love at first sight.

The first time I see him, I’m already in love. The first time I hold him, I know I’m gnna shower him with unconditional love. The first time I kiss his forehead, this boy is gnna be mine forever.

Amazing much?

That moment when your pain suddenly disappeared….. your husband carry your child to you. Peacefully closing their eyes. All you can do is just kiss them gently and cry….. and continue to cry until your child have to go for their weight check.

Okay snap. Back to reality but lesser pain. Well, for me. Since I was on  epidural. All I want to do is just….. sleep!

Totally life experience.

I will never ever forget.



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