Crazy Sunday!



Sunday shopping with Daddy! Finally, after 6 days of working straight. We are lucky enough that he don’t have soccer match today. We had lunch at 4 fingers! My all time favourite! Prawn and squid!


Main plan is to get Avent 4 in 1 baby food maker. But Firman went slightly crazy once we reached Robinson. He grab The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe tub and Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 Seat.

Okay first thing first, we actually throw away Mount Alvernia’s bathtub as Fay couldn’t fit in anymore.

So we bought one more from some shop that sell those typical bathtub. That typical bathtub is super straight forward. Either you hold your child to seat or let them lie down in the empty tub with the hole open so that the water can run through.

But this…. well you can see. It’s either you want your child to seat or lie down ON THEIR OWN. Okay it’s one plus point. But that middle thing…. hmm. Nevermind practice makes perfect. Will make myself comfortable with this tub.


And lastly… this Ingenuity Baby Base Seat. I guess Firman secretly planning to get this! I’ve seen and use this kind of seat before during my teaching days over in infant care. I don’t really fancy it. I don’t know. I always worry if the child might fall back or front.

But this was totally different from the infant care. Fay was so comfortable when he was sitting. There’s two seat as you can see. You can take out the top seat once your child is big enough. There’s a hidden tray right below the seat. And the best part, it is easy to clean!

But you still need to be around your child for safety purpose. Me as paranoid as always, will only put him when he’s watching television with me. If I need to run somewhere I will just chuck him in his rocker.

Not promoting or discriminate, just my own point of view.


Mummy favourite hobby! This boy here growing up so fast! Last month bought for him 3 – 6 months clothing and he wear it like for less than 3 times and he couldn’t fit in! How disappointed. Ugh. So I decided to get him one or two size bigger just to play safe.


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