Goodbye 2015, it was a great year.

I’ve learned a lot of things from 2015. It was never easy but if you are willing to learn for your own good then it will be worth it for sure.

I left my job just to focus and put more attention on my pregnancy. It was the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life. I’ve never left my job for no reason. I’m not used to it not earning a thing! Guess, I’m lucky enough that Firman gave all the support that I need.

A lot of mommies shared their pregnancy tips with me. It was interesting till it was time. I was panicking and worried.

I learned that to give birth is not easy or fun. Was in pain every seconds. Going through all the procedures with needles, injections, gas mask, epidural and more needles. Lastly, my body was half numb and all I can feel is that my gynae was shaking my tummy trying to take out Fay. It was………….. really a life experience. Fay cried right after he’s out from my tummy was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever hear. Everything went well eventhough it wasn’t planned, alhamdulila amin.

It was really challenging to go through the confinement month. We wasn’t that traditional but I have to look after my intake and diet to let my wound heal faster. I can’t even walk, I was crawling for weeks. I was all sad, stress and I thought I was going through postpartum depression. Thanks to Firman for listening and supporting me without fail. Now here I am doing very well with everything.

And I’m still learning to be a supermom and a superwife 😂

Alot of pros and cons but I will never ever give up on my family. They are my life.

May 2016 be a wonderful journey for all of us.

Insyallah, amin.


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