A year older, a year wiser they say…



So I told Firman that, this year birthday I just want to rest at home. I don’t want any visitor to visit. Let me have some peaceful birthday with him and Fay.

In the morning we have to go for Fay jaundice check up with the terrible haze going on. Fast game check up and we straight away go home. Had a long peaceful rest through out the evening.

Everyone keep on asking what I want for my birthday. “Please pray for me to recover asap. That’s all I need for my birthday.”

At night, I was asleep after feeding Fay. I was awake hearing people singing birthday song coming in to my room with a birthday cake and candles. And the people who were singing the birthday song was Qists.

They actually planned with Firman earlier on without me knowing. Ok fine, I know its a surprise!

Thank you guys for the surprise and the effort for always coming down Woodlands without fail. Not only them but to everyone that wished me also! Thank you Sheril for the delicious oreo cheesecake! Thank you Aby for the diy collage! Thank you for the effort, really appreciate it so much. All these means alot to me 💓



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