Labour bag

We are 36 weeks now. Alhamdulila, thank you god. Everything seems fine. Mummy gnna be busy with check up every week. Not only busy but Mummy gnna be all nervous for your arrival as well!

So, finally I’m all done packing my labour bag. I don’t know if there’s anything I missed out.

Let me list out:
– Admission letters
– Marriage cert
– Phone charger
– Toiletries ( Facial foam, Powder, Lip balm, Deodorant, Sanitary pads ) I just pack those important ones. Body and hair soap we will get from the hospital it self.
– Sock, Sweater
– Going home outfit for both Mummy and Baby

Still deciding if we should bring go pro or just use our camera phone.

So yeah… that’s all for my labour bag👌 I’m trying my best not to bring all the unnecessary stuff.

Okay let Mummy enjoy her last few weeks before your arrival alright 🙊



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