Avent Philips


I was telling Firman that we are left with milk bottles and toiletries for Baby. We thought of getting it end of August……

Sil called and she bought milk bottles for Baby. There you go…. Its your luck Baby! Thank you 💕

So now about milk bottles…..

Well, I only know that Dr brown milk bottle is perfectly good but expensive. For Avent…… mostly all children using that brand.
Honestly, I’ve got no problems with milk bottles. As long Baby drink his milk and not giving me problem, I’m fine! 👌

Currently we are 33 weeks. Yes, and everyone have been starting to ask me about my hospital bag. Alright one of the weekdays I will start packing!

I’m just feeling super lazy. Let me enjoy and appreciate my weeks first before Baby is out 😌



3 thoughts on “Avent Philips

  1. That’s so true about the bottle brand. I was obsessed with “tommee – tippee” before I actually had my baby girl and realized they leak everywhere! So I bought Avent and they came in pink which was super cute and my baby girl took it so well and it was easy to clean! 🙂


    • I actually kind of inlove with tommee tippee milk bottle design among the rest of the brand 😍 Since they bought it for me I will try on first. If baby doesn’t like it, i might change to something else. Thank you for the feedback 😊


      • See, I bet they have made some advances in two years as well, and probably even have colored ones too! I love that you are trying what was given to you! 🙂 just get a good bottle brush with one of those little pipe cleaner attached to it to clean the nipples good and the in between areas that might normally not get clean! Good luck! 🙂

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