Maclaren Grand Tour lx


Suddenly my Whatsapp notification gone insane when I was having my nap time. Received a few missed calls from Azu. Checked the group Whatsapp and ta-da…. 

They were talking about baby pram. I was like…… Well, we didn’t plan to get it now but since both sils really wanted to get it for us. Why not?

I know nothing about prams! So I decided to google about Maclaren brand and stuff. Read through the review. And….. I was getting more and more excited about it.

So nobody is free to come down to collect the pram the next day. Since I’m always free…. I came down with Sheril to collect it. The pram was huge! I was…… speechless. But! I still love the design of the pram and the color as well.

Firman came home and…… he was so excited to see. Wait, not him only. Even sils was all excited when I send the picture of myself pushing the pram.



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