Third trimester….


Last month was our third trimester but I was too busy to update with Hari Raya preparation and stuff.

Time pass so fast. We are left with 1 more month. Oh my god! I am all paranoid now. But I shall wait for Aby to pop out her princess first then I can start to worry.

We have finally decided to buy baby cot playpen. Super tempting to fix it! Urgh. I’ve started to wash baby clothes as well 😬 What else?…..

Oh yes! Previously I was worried about my weight. I wasn’t gaining at all! Last Saturday we went for check up and I’ve gained 10kg! I’ve got no idea why is it so hard for me to gain during pregnancy. Tsk!

Now I am no longer stressing myself with my weight. Thank god!

So far Mummy and Baby is doing great, surprisingly. No more funny weird symptoms but only more to decreasing of body temperature.

Anyway, I received $100 voucher from Starhub for recontract and I AM AN ANDROID USER NOW 😆😆 Okay I’m gnna ditch apple. Sorry!



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