Counting down….


We are left with 3 more months and baby will be out. Yes, we haven’t start naming the baby. Firman being fussy with the name I choose. And Yasmine being Yasmine as usual trying hard to make Firman agree with the name. 

Let’s put a side that part. 

We went shopping for baby’s stuff. Baby romper, mittens and socks are all so adorable. I just can’t stop taking them! I could go insane, the longer we stayed there.  

Still contemplating to get baby cot. Some advised us to just let the baby sleep with us. So……. We shall see about that!

Anyway, our list for baby shopping will never end. I’m just worry the stuff we bought will not be enough. Or is it just me? 


Everyone was like, “Wah you left with 3 more months!” Ohh yes, I’m not physically and mentally prepare for sure and for real. Firman have been brainwashing me to go for normal delivery. Everybody wish they can go for normal but what if…… Yes, I hate what if. What if I can’t go for normal? What if I’m not strong and I need epidural? What if…….. and it goes on and on and making me all paranoid like nobody business. 

For all I care, as long baby come out healthy and smoothly I’m fine. I don’t care about myself, my baby safety come first. Insyallah, amin.  


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