Love like this 

  Hey love. 

Life was pretty amazing back then. Well, we are stress free and more of a every night is a party night. I was even job hopping and wasn’t even stable. We went for holiday an awesome holiday for almost a week. Sleeping over my house and movie marathon while sipping barcadi. 

You planned to get engaged. We still on going dating. Searched for nice restaurant to dine in. And when we’ve got no plans what do we do? You will bring me out for a night ride anywhere in Singapore. Life was so beautiful with you, love. We was one laid back couple but still going club occasionally. 

Here start the madness. Wedding prepapration. We’ve got to cut down on our dinning in over at restaurants, staycay and holidays. It was hard for me. But I was trying my best for the future sake. 

You moved in once we are officially engaged. I am one happy girl when you told me about it. Well, I’ve been living with parents for years and every time I’ve got company I am always happy. Guess what? I’ve learned alot of things when we stayed together under one roof!

And now we are married and patiently waiting for our little one to be out. How lovely life with you, love. Eventhough our journey may not be smooth but thank you god we’ve made it up to this stage.

Love you, love. 


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