Second trimester….



May is here and baby is coming to 5 months old. Yes, very fast!! 

Baby have been very very active recently. Keep on moving, kicking and having hiccups as well. Firman was amazed when the first time I let him feel. Hahaha! His face expression was priceless!! 

Eversince second trimester started, I’ve  been feeling restless. I get migraine easily and I have to listen to some relaxing songs to put me to ease. Weird! Tell me about it. 

I almost passed out one of the night. Suddenly cold sweat came and my vision was all blurred. Everyone was scared including myself. It was horrible I swear!

Horrible cramp kicked in the middle of the the night when I was peacefully sleeping. I don’t know what was going on. My backbone was cramp and it goes to my belly. I was crying so badly that everyone was awake. I’ve got no choice but to rub my belly and my backbone slowly and i fell asleep. 

Told Kak Yana regarding this and she said that is the early contraction for the baby to grow bigger. I was like 😱 That painful the contraction?! My god. 

We went for the scanning and baby was sleeping. Peacefully sleeping…. So nice to see hais. Can’t wait to carry you baby. Doctor told us the gender but it was 70% confirmed. Only the closest knows about it. Let’s just wait for the next check up to double confirm. 

Stay tune for more love! 


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