Being a Mommy….

Currently, baby is 10 weeks old.
Alhamdulila, baby is doing great and fine.
Baby is always hungry.

Being a first time Mommy is hard and clueless (I swear you know nothing at all!)

I was actually worried that my menstruation didn’t come. Firman will never let go of his bike and he will never take public. So riding bike with him is like riding a roller coaster. Its not that bad actually but I’m already used to him riding that way but I’m just worried for the baby. Firman bought for me pregnancy kit, I tried. And it was like some kind of experiment for us. Both of us was super curious and the way the result came out was surprisingly fast and effective.

And again, I was unsure and the result wasn’t that clear. WE ARE ONE CONFUSE PARENT! So I told Firman, let’s go to our family clinic tomorrow after work. I had cramps. Is not those menstrual cramp, is some funny weird cramp which could last few seconds. Feedback to the doctor regarding this, and he refer me to KKH. Only god knows how terrible KKH customer service is. Waited for 2 hours, and the check up was less that 30 mins. I would rather buy that bloody machine and check it myself.

So yeah, they have confirmed that my urine was positive and I’m officially pregnant. Happy? Yes! Obviously! On the day itself I’ve stop riding bike and smoke. Yeah, sudden stop. It wasn’t that hard though I’ve tried before. But is just that temptation feeling really killing me sometimes. But, for baby sake I will try my very best.

The next check up we decide to go TMC. We went to the the nearest women’s clinic in Sembawang. Plus Firman’s friend went there before they gave good review. So we gave it a try and the doctor was super nice and gave clear tips on foods! Doctor did ultra scan sound and it was the first time for us to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Can’t wait for the next check up! I am looking forward for the baby bump, call me insane I don’t care! I am one excited Mommy!



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