1st week of school!

Fayzulin was doing very well in school. He enjoyed going outdoor with his teachers and friends. He even explore every corner of his classroom immediately when he came in. He only cry when he wants to go to nap. 

After a week of school, he learned alot of new songs. He can even do the actions. 

Fayzulin decided to call me Mama instead of Mummy. 

Such a big boy you are now! Mama is so proud of you! ❤

As’salamualaikum Aufa ❤

Fay is such a big boy now. He carry his own bag. He walk and hold hands with me. He will play around the area while we wating for taxi. He have been giving alot of kisses and hugs to Aufa and everyone. My baby is growing up! I want to cry so badly. 

And he is going to be a big brother in 6 months time. I cannot imagine that. 

Now, I am overwhelmed.

We’ve got 6 more months together Fay. May our relationship continue to stay this way even if your sibling will be out. Well its true. First born is always Mummy’s baby. And my first love.

So anyway, my sister in law finally gave birth to a boy named, Aufa. We were all excited when she was done with the operation. I am finally an aunty and this is my very first nephew in my life! Fay finally have a cousin. And I think Mama and Asha gnna have headache when we are going to have family dinner. 😂