When I thought I could handle it….

This time round, I am full of anxiety. I don’t even know where to start.

I feel like I am not ready to meet the 2nd one. I feel like I am not physically and mentally prepare to welcome her yet. I feel like my time with Fayzulin is too short.

Dont judge. But once you have children. Your first one is your everything. Now, I understand how it feels when other Mummies say it.

I am the only child. So I dont know how it feels to have siblings. To share toys and love with your other siblings.

This makes me more worry…. I am worry for myself if I can’t love the 2nd one as much as Fay. Is that even crazy to say that? I am so scared. What if I cant handle both at the same time?

I’ve never regret planning on getting the 2nd one… but the pressure that is coming through was so much harder than I thought.

3 more weeks to go…. May god bless my pregnancy journey with lots of patience…


1st week of school!

Fayzulin was doing very well in school. He enjoyed going outdoor with his teachers and friends. He even explore every corner of his classroom immediately when he came in. He only cry when he wants to go to nap. 

After a week of school, he learned alot of new songs. He can even do the actions. 

Fayzulin decided to call me Mama instead of Mummy. 

Such a big boy you are now! Mama is so proud of you! ❤